21 лип. 2021  Düsseldorf / Germany

Further support of those affected by flood disaster

Henkel expands emergency aid package – donation of 1 million euros in product donations and financial resources

As a sign of solidarity and to support the people affected by the flood disaster in Western Germany, Henkel is expanding its emergency aid package to 1 million euros. The company had previously announced a direct emergency aid program of 600,000 euros immediately after the flood disaster. Now, Henkel expands its measures to support people in affected regions with further donations in kind and financial aid totaling 400,000 euros.

”The dimensions of the destruction caused by the flood disaster and the many fates of those affected, including Henkel employees, are devastating. Therefore, we decided to further expand our emergency aid to one million euros. Continuous and unbureaucratic support for the aid workers, emergency personnel and victims of the flood disaster is essential to enable the reconstruction in affected regions,” says Carsten Knobel, Chairman of the Henkel Management Board.

The emergency aid program of Henkel worth 1 million euros includes the following measures:

  • Financial donation: Henkel donates via the Fritz Henkel Stiftung Foundation to support affected people and helpers in the crisis areas.
  • Aid for affected employees: The company offers financial assistance, if required accommodation in Henkel-owned apartments and free use of Persil Service to the employees affected. Furthermore, Henkel offers paid leave of up to five days to all colleagues who wish to participate in the operations of the volunteer fire department, the THW, the DRK, the DLRG or other aid organizations.
  • Donation of Adhesive Technologies products: Henkel donates products for sealing, bonding, and renovating as well as moisture absorbers to help rebuild damaged apartments and houses.
  • Donation of laundry detergents, household cleaners and body care products: Henkel donates laundry detergents, household cleaners and body care products.

In addition, Henkel is in close contact with the state government and the city of Düsseldorf to organize any further relief measures that may be necessary.

Emergency aid – immediate and unbureaucratic support

After Henkel announced its emergency aid package last week, employees have already been given paid time off to help in the crisis areas and financial support has been provided to affected employees. The first donations for people in affected regions have already been directed. Also the Henkel site fire department supported actively: the Kall fire department in the Euskirchen district was provided with a fire engine and professional clothing to ensure primary emergency care in the area.

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