18 груд. 2013  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel at Euroguss 2014

Integrated solutions for the foundry industry 

Europe’s biggest trade fair in the die casting field is scheduled to take place in Nuremberg on January 14 to 16, 2014. The international die casting community will be meeting at Euroguss for the tenth time to exhibit and discover innovative solutions in their specific fields of material forming and processing technology. Henkel too will be represented, showcasing numerous products from its Bonderite and Loctite product portfolio.

The trade fair takes place every two years, and 2014 sees it opening its gates for the tenth time. During the intervening period, the number of exhibitors has risen from an initial 93 to around 400, making Euroguss one of the biggest industrial shows of its kind in Europe. The exhibitors in Nuremberg will include Henkel, represented by its “Transport and Metal” business unit. With its products, the company is able to offer tailored, integrated solutions covering the entire value chain in the foundry segment: from die casting technology through porosity sealing, cleaning, machining and metal pretreatments and on to component assembly. Naturally, Henkel’s solutions for the die casting market from the Bonderite portfolio will be the focal point of Henkel’s stand. However, for adjacent technologies used in subsequent steps of the manufacturing process Henkel will also highlight products and services, evidencing its position as a trusted partner to companies in the metal processing industry.

Bonderite L-CA CP for optimum film formation and release of cast parts

The release agents used in die casting processes have to meet a range of different technological requirements. Among other significant qualities of the die casting lubricant, the release property is particularly crucial, allowing the smooth removal of the cast parts from the die. Casters emphasize more and more the necessity of avoiding residues on the dies and the castings, to ensure a maximum quality of the metal parts, hence minimize the required rework of these parts and reduce overall die maintenance effort.

With its range of die release agents, Henkel offers reliable products for the casting of aluminum, magnesium and other non-ferrous metals, with superior adaptability to varying process conditions. The release agents under the Bonderite brand cover a broad array of possible dilution ratios, enabling the casting process to be optimized in terms of both cost efficiency and cycle time. Henkel supports foundries with everything from pure oil spray applications to the use of diluted lubricants up to ratios of 1:300. Through further optimization of its casting formulations with regard to wetting temperatures Henkel enables the use of lubricants and the resultant film formation at comparably high die temperatures. This can reduce both the thermal stress to which the die sets are subjected, and subsequently the cycle times achievable in the production process. Based on extensive knowledge of the full spectrum of conditions encountered in die casting operations, Henkel’s experts are able to analyze the requirements and preferences of each customer in selecting the right release agent for their application.

One of Henkel’s competitive advantages in this industry derives from its strong and wide-ranging technological background and the expertise in the field of process chemicals. The product portfolio acquired from National Starch / Acheson is fully embedded in Henkel’s extensive metal processing base: The company is thus able to offer optimized chemical products and integrated technological solutions along the entire value chain, comprising cutting fluids for machining operations, cleaners for the casting dies, as well as cleaning solutions for the tubes, hoses and nozzles of die casting machines. Furthermore Henkel’s technologies comprise products and solutions for applications of surface treatment, sealing and bonding of widely varying substrates.

The technologies from Henkel for such applications have all recently been grouped under the Bonderite technology brand. This means that, within Henkel’s “Transport and Metal” business unit, Bonderite is now the umbrella brand encompassing a full range of process lubricants, cleaning agents, and surface treatment chemicals, designed to optimize customers’ metal processing operations.

During Euroguss in Nuremberg from January 14 to 16, 2014, Henkel experts will be available at Stand 7-604 in Hall 7 to provide guidance and advice on the wide spectrum of products and system solutions that the company is able to offer the die casting industry.