13 груд. 2018  Düsseldorf / Germany

Further expansion of Henkel’s international education initiative

New “Forscherwelt” concepts around the world

Encouraging children to take up science by getting them started young – that’s the aim of Henkel’s international education initiative “Forscherwelt” (“Researchers’ World”). Since its launch in 2011, the initiative has reached more than 30,000 children with its activities in nine countries and it is continuously expanding. In 2018, Henkel introduced a new cooperation concept: “Forscherwelt” centers at established educational institutions.

The “Forscherwelt” initiative enables kids to become little researchers and get a playful introduction into science’s secrets. During experiments which touch upon the topics of glue, washing & cleaning, cosmetics, and sustainability, children gain insights into how research is conducted. So far, the initiative followed two approaches: activities at its own playful science lab as well as school visits where specially trained teachers conduct science experiments together with the children. In addition to those, the “Forscherwelt” started even closer cooperations with established partners in the educational sector this year – the new concept was launched in Russia and recently Turkey.

Permant collaboration with school in Turkey

In Turkey, “Forscherwelt” activities have been taking place since 2015. Since then, the initiative has reached almost 15,000 students with science workshops at public schools, carried out in collaboration with Creative Children’s Association. With the opening of a permanent “Forscherwelt” center at the campus of Darüşşafaka school in Istanbul, Henkel is now taking the initiative to the next level. In this lab, science workshops for students will be conducted throughout the year by teachers from Creative Children’s Association and Darüşşafaka school. It is also open to other schools who wish to participate. Thus, around 3,500 students per year will experience applied science education. In addition, the initiative will proceed with science workshops and lab studies at different public schools in Turkey, which will pave the way for increasing the number to 8,500 students per year, in order to enhance curiosity and spark the passion for science within the children.

“With our ‘Forscherwelt’ education initiative, we want to make a sustainable contribution to society and especially to the future of children. The close cooperation with Darüşşafaka school represents another huge step up for us. Our joint aim is to enable even more Turkish children to get a taste of being real scientists and explore the world with fun,” said Dr. Ute Krupp, Corporate Sustainability Manager and Head of Henkel’s Forscherwelt.

Three “Forscherwelt” centers around the world

In October, Henkel opened a second “Forscherwelt” center in the Youth Palace in Moscow, which is one of the most renowned extracurricular educational institutions in Russia. The opening of this center followed three years of regular “Forscherwelt” courses at the Experimentarium, a science museum for children in Moscow. The first “Forscherwelt” center was set up at Henkel’s headquarters in Düsseldorf already in 2011. It comprises an experimentation zone, a rest area and a designated space for exercise and discussion, creating an atmosphere in which children can enjoy an ideal environment for learning through play.

Next to Germany, Russia and Turkey, “Forscherwelt” activities also take place in Italy, Poland, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Chile and India.

The “Forscherwelt” enables kids to become little researchers and get a playful introduction into science’s secrets.

Henkel opened a permanent “Forscherwelt” center at the campus of Darüşşafaka school in Istanbul, taking the initiative to the next level.