25 січ. 2017  Orlando / USA

American Cleaning Institute Annual Meeting

Henkel thanks suppliers for outstanding contribution

For the 10th time, at the 2017 American Cleaning Institute (ACI) Annual Meeting and Industry Convention, from January 23 to January 28 in Orlando, Florida, Henkel awarded four suppliers for their best-in-class performance in 2016.

BASF received both the award as “Best Innovation Contributor Laundry & Home Care” and the “Sustainability Award Laundry & Home Care”. The award as “Best Innovation Contributor Beauty Care” was presented to Innospec, the “Sustainability Award Beauty Care” to SummitReheis. The “Best Supply Performance” award went to Sasol. Finally, all suppliers were honored with a symbolic “Top Contributor” medal for their strong support to the go-live phases of the ONE! Global Supply Chain initiative.

Pascal Houdayer, Executive Vice President Beauty Care, welcomed over 200 representatives of more than 30 major suppliers. He outlined Henkel’s recent high-quality acquisitions and presented the Henkel 2020+ strategy to which he invited the suppliers to jointly drive growth, accelerate digitalization and increase agility. “We strive to digitize the entire process of plan, source, make and deliver to further improve our logistic processes, optimize workflows and reduce lead times,” said Pascal Houdayer. He concluded his presentation with a film about the global Schwarzkopf “Million Chances” initiative empowering women to enter professional life and to get a sustainable education.

Innospec awarded as “Best Innovation Contributor Beauty Care 2016”

Through a strong collaboration in advanced and applied research, Innospec has substantially contributed to the development of a sulfate-free shampoo platform with outstanding performance. Sulfate-free shampoos are gaining popularity in the market, yet have suffered from a poor foam quality compared with conventional shampoos. Thomas Förster, Corporate Vice President R&D Beauty Care, presented a compelling side-by-side demonstration video showing the superior foam level quality and quantity of the Fiber Force formulas in comparison with current sulfate-free shampoos, thanks to Innospec’s new platform based on the combination of taurates, glycosides and betaines.

SummitReheis honored with “Sustainability Award Beauty Care 2016”

Henkel’s suppliers make an important contribution to implement the sustainability strategy of achieving more with less. “Since 2013, SummitReheis and Henkel have collaborated on the efficient use of spherical aluminum chlorohydrate salts for the use in antiperspirants,” said Thomas Förster, Corporate Vice President R&D Beauty Care. “These new materials offer, compared with standard milled aluminum chlorohydrate, better spray patterns, are free from very fine respirable fractions and deliver a significantly higher performance in wetness protection.”

BASF received both the “Best Innovation Contributor Laundry & Home Care 2016” and “Sustainability Award Laundry & Home Care 2016”

In the development of the first premium phosphate-free automatic dishwashing detergents, BASF has provided unique high-performance ingredients that achieve great advantages in the sustainability dimensions of water & wastewater, materials & waste and energy & climate, while at the same time delivering top-level cleaning performance and long-lasting shine. “To achieve the first automatic dishwashing detergent formula with zero phosphates and 100 % performance, compared with previous phosphate-containing formulas, 40 % of the recipe needed to be reformulated,” stated Thomas Müller-Kirschbaum, Corporate Senior Vice President R&D Laundry & Home Care. “The intense and creative cooperation with BASF resulted in a product with outstanding performance, meeting the consumer demand of sparkling clean dishes and long-lasting glass care.”

Sasol awarded for “Best Supply Performance 2016”

Key elements for outstanding supply performance are outperformance in risk management and supplier managed inventory. “Sasol brought supply security and performance to a new level,” said Thomas Holenia, Corporate Vice President Global Purchasing Raw Materials. “Sasol immediately stepped in to secure deliveries in shortage situations, pioneered with modern tools to mitigate volatility risks and achieved huge improvements in supplier managed inventory, all this based on an excellent operational performance.”

Henkel team applauds suppliers for their ONE! Global Supply Chain contribution

Bertrand Conquéret, President Global Supply Chain and Corporate Vice President Purchasing at Henkel, went through the implementation of the first four phases of the ONE! Global Supply Chain Horizon initiative which has been successfully introduced in 30 countries so far. He acknowledged the immense contribution of Henkel’s suppliers by handing each Award Reception attendant a “Top Contributor ONE!GSC 2016” medal.

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Pascal Houdayer, Executive Vice President Beauty Care at Henkel, opened the 10th Henkel Award Ceremony.

Bertrand Conquéret, President Global Supply Chain and Corporate Vice President Purchasing at Henkel, presented Henkel’s ONE! Global Supply Chain Horizon iniatiative.

Best Innovation Contributor Beauty Care / Innospec: Pascal Houdayer, Phil Cotrell, Phil Matena, Bruce McDonald and Thomas Förster (from left)

Sustainability Award Beauty Care / SummitReheis: Pascal Houdayer, Hamel B. Dave, Richard Hooper and Thomas Förster (from left)

Best Innovation Contributor Laundry & Home Care and Sustainability Award Laundry & Home Care / BASF: Andrés Jaffé, Matthias Maase, Anja Winkler, Thomas Greindl, Torsten Wieprecht, Hans W. Reiners and Thomas Müller-Kirschbaum (from left)

Best Supply Performance / Sasol: Tom O’Brien, Stefan Strydom, Mike Clark and Thomas Holenia (from left)