29 квіт. 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

Bonderite L-MR 21972 cutting fluid

Decreasing process costs, increasing efficiency

Be it for drilling, milling or turning, cutting fluids are manufactured to minimise friction losses, provide long lifetime of the emulsion and remove swarf chips. With Bonderite L-MR 21972, premium manufacturer Henkel has developed a bactericide-free cutting fluid that significantly improves component quality and is particularly economical thanks to its high lubricity and cleaning properties.

The right choice of cutting fluid has a big impact on the efficiency of production plants. While most cutting fluids focus either on the lubricant or the cleaning performance, Bonderite L-MR 21972 impresses with an ideal combination of both factors.

Long bath-life times, low operating costs

The water-mixable, low-foam cutting fluid is suitable for a large number of materials and application processes. It allows problem-free working with both aluminium alloys and titanium and steel, including stainless steel. Thanks to its low initial fill of five to eight per cent and its markedly low top-up concentration of 0.5 to 1.5%, Bonderite L-MR 21972 impresses with very economical consumption. Because it needs to be topped up less, companies can significantly reduce their operating costs.

At the same time, the product’s good lubricity extends tool-life times. Tests have shown that, in a special friction process, the tool-life increases seven times by using Bonderite L-MR 21972 compared to standard cutting fluids, while the power consumption of the spindle falls by two thirds. In addition, the outstanding lubricity increases the surface quality and the lifespan of the tool.

Another factor that contributes to greater cost-effectiveness is the excellent cleaning and rinse off behaviour of the finely-dispersed emulsion of Bonderite L-MR 21972. Tools, machines and processed parts remain clean throughout the production process. The patented, bactericide-free emulsifier combination provides long life time of the emulsion, and also has good water hardness stability. The laborious replacement and disposal of cutting fluids is reduced significantly, saving time and money.

To summarise: With Bonderite L-MR 21972 cutting fluid from Henkel, metal processing companies can minimise their process costs whilst increasing the quality of the components. This is thanks to the good cleaning and lubricity performance, as well as factors such as long life times and low consumption of the cutting fluid.