16 квіт. 2015  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel at the parts2clean in Stuttgart

A clean performance across the entire process

From 9th to 11th June, the specialist trade fair parts2clean in Stuttgart will once again become the international hub for product innovations and further developments in industrial cleaning technology. As a leading provider of complete systems in the field of cleaning and pre-treatment, Henkel presents sustainable solutions for the entire metalworking value added chain.

Cooling lubricants have in the meantime become an essential part of metalworking. They reduce friction losses between the tool and the workpiece, dissipate heat and guarantee long tool lifetimes. However, what is important after machining is not just that the parts are produced error-free, but also that they are clean. MQL operations produce residues on the parts and in the holes/threads that are very difficult to clean, and they can also create tramp-oil layers in the subsequent water miscible process steps, which is also not helpful. For this purpose, Henkel provides customers with an integrated product solution, and will be presenting this solution at the leading trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning, parts2clean.

In this way, the water-miscible cooling lubricants from the Bonderite L-MR range convince customers through their ideal combination of high lubrication and rinsing performance in one product. They are not only free of bactericides, but also permit, due to their high hard water stability, a long bath-life. Thanks to the excellent washing and lubrication capabilities, particularly good rinsing behaviour and therefore very low drag-out of the product concentrate, Bonderite L-MR cooling lubricants are highly economical. Due to the properties of the finely dispersed Bonderite L-MR emulsion, tools, machines and processed parts consistently remain clean during the production process, have a long tool-lifetime and produce outstanding good surface finishing. Downstream cleaning steps are thus substantially more efficient.

Another innovation is that the pure concentrate of the innovative 2 in 1 cooling lubricant Bonderite L-MR 21972 can be used as a minimum quantity lubricant. In this way, parts processed with the product as a minimum quantity lubricant (MQL) can be cleaned more easily.

Maximum cleanliness in the production process

The high-quality, aqueous – generally neutral or slightly alkaline – cleaning fluids in the Bonderite C-NE and C-AK product series have been specially adapted to the cooling lubricants. They ensure efficient process, parts and maintenance cleaning, even at low temperatures. Biostable formulas ensure that the biological, easily degradable wetting agents do not lose their effective properties, even when used at low temperatures. This means that components of any material can be optimally prepared for further production processes such as bonding, coating or painting. A selection of special cleaning agents are available for sensitive light metal alloys, which, in addition to the removal of the processing agent, also activate the surface for the subsequent processes. Under the designation Bonderite C-AD, additives which are essential for the optimisation of the cleaning process complete the range of available products.

An overview of the entire process

In order that the metal pre-treatment process takes place quickly, error-free and effectively, Henkel has developed a complete, programmable control system called Lineguard. It provides the perfect support for maintenance of the process parameters. Aligned to the Bonderite L-MR cooling lubricants and the various cleaning agent types in the Bonderite C-NE and C-AK product series, this modular system gives excellent results in quality, efficiency and process reliability.

Due to this integrated production solution, Henkel represents a strong system partner for all metalworking companies which place great value on safe, clean and effective overall processes.

Save the date

The Henkel booth at the specialist trade fair parts2clean in Stuttgart, which will be held from 9th to 11th June, will be located in Hall 4, Booth A02. Here Henkel experts will inform you on the wide spectrum of integrated system solutions in the field of industrial cleaning technology.