29 жовт. 2013  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel to showcase innovative applications at Strategies in Light Europe

Solutions for durable luminaires and lamps

Henkel will be showcasing its range of products for lighting applications under the Technomelt and Loctite brands at the Strategies in Light Europe fair and conference from November 19 to 21 in Munich. Offering benefits like high transparency and temperature resistance, the products are particularly suitable for manufacturers of lighting devices.

One innovative development for the protection of LEDs against adverse conditions is the highly transparent two-component silicone Loctite SI 5700, enabling transmission rates of up to 95 percent. The tendency encountered with other technologies to yellow under the effects of temperature and/or UV radiation and to become brittle is noticeably absent from this product. The silicone is particularly suitable for the protection and encapsulation of LEDs, for example in modern street lights, facade luminaires, illuminated advertising media, illuminated signs and other outdoor applications.

Thermal conductivity to increase the service life of luminaires

Loctite SI 100 is a new silicone-based paste offering good thermal conductivity. This innovative product from Henkel is likewise suitable for various lighting applications in which a permanent reduction in the operating temperature is required or desirable. Given that decreases in temperature of just 10 degrees Celsius can double the service life of a luminaire, this is a property that can often make quite a difference.

High-transparency low-pressure molding

Combining all the advantages of low-pressure molding with a crystal clear appearance, Technomelt AS 4226 is resistant to UV radiation, moisture and extreme weathering. With its transparency and robustness, this innovation from Henkel is ideal for the encapsulation of LEDs and light engines destined for service in the wide outdoors. Street lamps and tunnel luminaires are among the possible applications. Because of the good adhesion afforded to various substrates, high encapsulation ratings of up to IP 67 can be achieved.

2K epoxy adhesives Loctite EA 9497 and Loctite EA 9496

Loctite EA 9497 is a 2K epoxy adhesive for structural bonding which is highly temperature resistant, thermally conductive and excellent for bonding metal components. It features medium viscosity and high compression strength, and resists temperatures of up to 180 °C.

Loctite EA 9496 is a thermally conductive, 2K epoxy adhesive for low-stress applications. It is ideal for potting electronic components. The adhesive is flowable and shows low shrinkage and high thermal conductivity.

These two Loctite epoxies not only combine fixing and thermal management in one manufacturing step but also increase the life span of LED modules by reducing operating temperature thanks to their exceptional thermal performance.

Henkel at Strategies in Light Europe

Experts from Henkel will be attending the Strategies in Light Europe fair and exhibition. At booth B21, they will be ready to provide further information on all these Technomelt and Loctite innovations, as well as other products from the company’s range of adhesive, sealant and surface treatment technologies.

Henkel bonding, thermal management, and potting products help manufacturers realize their design ambitions and build a better, more reliable and potentially lower-cost luminaire.

Be light years ahead with Henkel as the ideal partner to meet your lighting objectives.