8 жовт. 2013  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel to present its new Loctite polyacrylate liquid sealant/gasketing products at Productronica

Highly flexible gasketing technologies for the automotive industry

Henkel is appearing at this year’s Productronica (November 12 to 15 in Munich, Germany), where it will be presenting, in particular, its innovative liquid sealant and gasketing products for the automotive industry. With its two polyacrylate-based liquid gasketing products Loctite 5883 and Loctite 5810 B, the world market leader in adhesives, sealants and surface treatment technologies is able to offer solutions which, thanks to their high flexibility and minimal permeability, ensure optimum results in the sealing of transmission control systems.

Productronica is the world trade fair for innovative electronics manufacturing famed for showcasing the very latest in cutting edge technology, from electronic components and software and to services of every conceivable kind. Modern technologies that ensure tight joints between disparate, often lightweight materials, and high-performance products offering long durability are key ingredients enjoying high demand in today’s automotive industry. With its two newly developed liquid sealants under the Loctite brand, Henkel is able to offer innovative solutions for the complex requirements encountered in automobile construction.

Seamless gasket application with Loctite 5883

Loctite 5883 is used, for example, to seal engine covers, oil pans and electric control covers. This UV-curing liquid gasket can be applied directly to the mating surface of components where it sets within 30 to 60 seconds. Its rapid curing capability means shorter cycle times, enabling process costs incurred by manufacturers to be substantially reduced. Moreover, Loctite 5883 ensures fast, high-precision production of the assemblies involved, simply because it eliminates the need to fabricate a separate gasket and place it between the mating components.

A further advantage of Loctite 5883 lies in the fact that the liquid gasket can be seamlessly applied. It is also up to ten times more resistant to engine oil than conventional silicone gaskets. The liquid sealant also offers very good adhesion on both metal and plastic surfaces.

Reduced material costs with Loctite 5810 B

The polyacrylate liquid sealant Loctite 5810 B is especially suitable as a high-durability gasketing solution in automotive powertrain assemblies such as engines and transmissions. Using liquid gaskets of this type can reduce material costs by up to 95 percent compared to conventional preformed gaskets, not least because the process can be fully automated. Loctite 5810 B is a moisture-curing sealant and adheres to almost every kind of surface, including metal and plastics. Its chemical composition offers a further benefit: unlike silicone-based sealants that decompose foam-inhibiting additives in engine oils, polyacrylate-based Loctite 5810 B is neutral in behavior. As a liquid gasket, it offers outstanding oil resistance, minimal hydrocarbon permeability and fast curability.

Both Loctite 5883 and Loctite 5810 B reduce process costs for the manufacturer, increase productivity and enhance the performance of the gasketed products. With these two polyacrylate liquid gasketing products from Loctite, Henkel is thus able to contribute to the optimization of automotive assemblies, significantly improving on the performance levels achieved with silicone-based gaskets.

For more information, visit our website www.henkel.com/automotive.

Henkel is able to offer polyacrylate-based cure-in-place liquid gasketing products which, thanks to their high flexibility and minimal permeability, ensure optimum results in the sealing of transmission control systems.