11 вер. 2013  Düsseldorf / Germany

Henkel to present its ready-to-use adhesives from Loctite for aerospace repair at the “MRO Europe 2013” conference in London

Structural Adhesive Solutions for Composite Repair

As a speaker at this year’s “MRO Europe 2013” exhibition and conference in London from September 24 to 26, 2013, Henkel will discuss the importance of its innovative repair technologies for the aerospace industry. In the presentation track entitled “Advanced Material Repair Technologies”, Dr. Ulrike Schmidt-Freytag, Technical Customer Service Manager EMEA at Henkel, will discuss the repair of composite structures in aircraft, including bonding, out of autoclave processing, wet lay-up surfacing films and lightning strike repairs. In addition, Mr. Marc Gomez, Global MRO Segment Manager – Aerospace at Henkel, will moderate a roundtable presentation track entitled “Detection and Inspection in Composite Materials”, where industry leading experts discuss the latest developments and practice in non-destructive testing (NDT) technology. With its high-performance structural adhesive product portfolio under the Loctite brand, Henkel offers solutions for the repair of composite parts and structures in ready-to-use packaging configurations for its aerospace MRO customers. Henkel’s products, which are qualified by major OEM’s, is readily available from its global network of authorized aerospace distributors.

As Europe’s most important aerospace aftermarket trade fair “MRO Europe 2013” is the ideal showcase for presenting the latest developments and technologies serving the aerospace maintenance, repair and overhaul community. The three-day conference also offers an excellent platform for OEM’s, MRO’s, suppliers, service-providers and airline operators to mix, meet and exchange expertise.

As OEM’s design and build more lightweight aircraft with composite parts and structures, the need for more user-friendly and proven bonded repair solutions becomes a major focus for airline operators and MRO’s. The repair of complex composites structures can be challenging for the aerospace industry, with the various types of damage requiring different repair approaches, invariably demanding innovative solutions.

From standard adhesive systems to specialty repair technologies

As the world’s largest adhesives manufacturer, Henkel is able to call on more than 40 years of experience in the application of adhesives in aircraft. Under the Loctite brand, the company offers a range of innovative, ready-to-use adhesive solutions for the many and varied repair requirements encountered in composite repair applications – ranging from standard bonding applications, wet lamination processes and out-of-autoclave curing processes to specialty repair systems for high-temperature applications. All the repair materials provided can be quickly and easily applied, thus substantially reducing repair costs for airline operators and MRO’s.

Given the proven quality of Loctite, these ready-to-use adhesives offer the ideal bonding solution for most types of composite repair applications. The products available for standard applications are characterized by their excellent mechanical properties and good load-bearing capacity. For wet lamination applications, the Loctite portfolio contains adhesives that ensure very fast curing under heat. Loctite products likewise create an optimal adhering surface for subsequent painting and coating. And repair solutions from Loctite offer impressive advantages in high-temperature applications, such as long working time up to eight hours and enhanced occupational safety during employee exposure times.

Henkel offers many of its proven adhesive solutions in several ready-to-use packaging configurations, like 2-component cartridge kits, clip packs and pudding cups.  By choosing the optimal package size and configuration for its processes, Henkel’s customers can reduce waste, improve performance and minimize operator exposure.

Global availability thanks to authorized distributor network

With local distribution partners at 25 locations around the world, Henkel is able to support fast and reliable product delivery. These distributors, specifically certified to sell the Loctite portfolio, are also supported by the latest technologies.

Henkel is certified to the AS 9100 quality management system for the aerospace industry and assesses its distribution partners against the associated requirements. These firms are thus duly registered according to AS9120, confirming their ability to ensure consistent quality in all processes along the aerospace value chain. As authorized distributors, they also maintain a buffer stock of products and materials in order to ensure just-in-time availability.

For more information, visit our website www.henkel.com/aerospace.

As a speaker at this year’s “MRO Europe 2013” exhibition and conference Henkel will discuss the importance of its innovative repair technologies for the aerospace industry