18 січ. 2013  Düsseldorf / Germany

New Metylan brand ambassador

Manuel Neuer, keeper of the German national football team, teams up with Metylan

2013 sees 26-year-old Manuel Neuer, goalkeeper of the German national football team and Bayern Munich, at the heart of a German-wide advertising campaign launched by Metylan, the internationally successful Henkel brand for wallpapering products. The motto of this team play: "Metylan for a perfect hold – just like our Number 1."

Manuel Neuer is currently Germany's undisputed number 1 in the goal – both in the Bundesliga club FC Bayern Munich and in the national team. In the German wallpaper paste market, Metylan has been the number 1 for decades. Since January 2013, both have teamed up for a good reason: Both stand for high quality, performance and likeability. When signing the contract, Manuel Neuer pointed out: "Metylan strives for a perfect hold – and so do I. That's why we match up so well."

At the very beginning of the partnership with Manuel Neuer, it turned out that the popular football player is fully aware of the brand benefits. In the Metylan team, he therefore plays in the right position: "Metylan offers a portfolio of high-performance products, and I like the brand philosophy: Quality, performance and passion – these are the key success factors." Also the general motto of the campaign found his full approval: "Metylan for a perfect hold – just like our Number 1."

Manuel Neuer has now become part of the traditional brand strategy that puts the top quality and outstanding performance of its products into the focus. And exactly these values form the foundation of Metylan's long-standing success.